Cat: 3 | Visual arts: From easel to screen, assessment for a digital age (current curriculum)

20 - 22 Sept 2024 | FACE to FACE - Dubai
The International Baccalaureate (IB)

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Workshop Format

This FACE-TO-FACE workshop will take place at Dubai International Academy (DIA) Al Barsha, Dubai, UAE in association with Innoventures Education Training Centre.

DIA Al Barsha is close to the the Mall of the Emirates and many hotels in the Al Barsha area. Includes 15 hours of expert tuition over 2.5 days, with full resources and great food and refreshments

Timings: 08:30-16:30 on Days 1 and 2 and 08:30-12:15 on Day 3.

About the workshop


This workshop is recommended for all Diploma Programme (DP) visual arts teachers.

Participants will need to be conversant with the current Diploma Programme (DP) Visual arts guide, preferably having taught students through at least one examination session.

Deepen your understanding of the new screen-based assessment of the IB DP visual arts course by focusing on the assessment and the e-submission process of the three components: comparative study, process portfolio and the exhibition. In this workshop, you will discuss the requirements and assessment criteria for each component, paying particular attention to the creation of the screens and to sharing good practice. You will be able to create screens and look at marked samples of candidates’ work in order to better understand what examiners are looking for when marking each of the components. You will also consider different ways of capturing visual arts work and different types of software that can be used to create the e-submission. Other key aspects of the workshop include approaches to teaching and learning visual arts in a digital era, the use of the DP unit planner for visual arts, and the use of checklists for teachers and candidates. This workshop also promotes and supports academic honesty within the DP visual arts.


Key features of this workshop:

  • Share experiences and good practice between IB artist educators
  • Discuss how to teach creativity and develop the optimal learning environment for visual art
  • Consider how to engender effective research skills and academic integrity
  • Share ways to present our student’s artwork to best meet the assessment criteria
  • Practice the assessment of all the components
  • Consider electronic media and 21st century approaches to the visual arts journal
  • Map the course and review the delivery of the components in our schools.
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