Additional Terms and Conditions for IBICUS Virtual Workshops

Ibicus may from time-to-time be unable to run a Face-Face Workshop as advertised and instead may be able to offer an alternative Virtual Workshop. These workshops will be run by our fully IB-qualified Workshop Leaders who have adapted their workshop to the Virtual format.

  • In the event that IBICUS cannot deliver the workshop using the Zoom platform due to changes in connectivity, licensing or government intervention, the workshop may be delayed and/or changed to an alternative platform.
  • Should there be any delays, failures or absences on the part of IBICUS due to failures of connectivity or otherwise, that section of the workshop may be rescheduled for a later date.
  • IBICUS reserves the right to cancel or postpone a workshop at any point.
  • IBICUS cannot be held responsible for any participants’ inability to access and use Zoom or any of the Apps or websites used in the workshops, nor of their internet connection viability during the workshop
  • Participants must attend all sessions of the Virtual Workshop in order to qualify for the IB Attendance Certificate which will be sent as a pdf after the workshop.
  • Participants must agree not to record the sessions
  • Participants must agree not to share the links to the workshops with third parties or broadcast the workshop to anyone other than the registered participant.
  • No content from the workshop can be reproduced and broadcast in any way.  Participants must not take or distribute screenshots or photographs of any part of the workshop.

VAT:  Virtual workshops are not classed as Digital services because they are live events, not pre-recorded. VAT terms differ according to where the participant is based. Ibicus Ltd is a UK registered company and must charge UK VAT at the current rate to businesses and individuals based in the UK. Those based outside of the UK fall outside of the scope of UK VAT and will not be charged VAT.


Our Intention

Here are the conditions of the agreement between your school or company, or, if an individual, yourself ("You") and Ibicus Ltd or Ibicus Europe Ltd, hereafter referred to as Ibicus (or "We/us"). Ibicus runs educational workshops and does not own schools, transportation or accommodation. If accommodation is offered by Ibicus it is solely acting as agent for the accommodation owners.

Our Method

For each subject workshop at an event that we advertise, we require a minimum number of registered and fully paid participants to make it viable. We try to put together events which make this happen and to make it work we need firm bookings for each workshop to ensure our costs are covered. When a workshop has had the minimum number of bookings paid in full, we can confirm that that workshop will run. Depending on the venue costs, this minimum number varies, but we will let you know when the workshop is confirmed to run as soon as we know ourselves. Naturally, we want to run all our workshops, but sometimes it just isn't feasible. We only ever cancel as a last resort.

Our Agreement

This is legally binding and governed by English Law once signed and accepted by us with your payment or booking form and shall be binding on You and any teacher for whom you make a booking. If you apply electronically or by phone, it is binding in the same way. The completion of our online booking form, the raising of an invoice or pro-forma invoice indicates acceptance of your booking by Ibicus and your acceptance of these Terms and Conditions.


You agree to complete the online application form and arrange for full payment of our automatically generated invoice within 21 days of making the booking or sooner if the workshop commences before the 21-day deadline. We agree to provide you or your proposed teacher with tuition, refreshments (and accommodation, if residential) as described by venue in our website or email to schools.


Payment should be made by bank transfer. Our payment terms are stated on our pro-forma invoice, and due amounts must be paid on time and in full, and within 21 days of making the booking or sooner if the workshop commences before the 21-day deadline. No participant will be permitted onto a workshop if we have not received full payment prior to their attendance. Please make sure you pay all the bank charges for transferring money, so we receive the full due amount. 

If you book a workshop at any reduced booking fee, payment must be made on time or the standard fee will then apply.
If you book a workshop at the standard fee, payment must be made on time or the late booking fee will then apply. 
If you book a workshop at the late booking fee, payment must be made on time or the price will increase by £50 or AED 300 per workshop participant for late payment and you may not be permitted to attend the workshop until payment has been received.

Late Payments

As a matter of principle, we make all of our payments to contractors and suppliers in a timely fashion and we expect our customers to do so too.  We will send you a reminder if your account is due but if you are more than 15 days late with a payment, we will invoice you for an additional late payment fee of £50 or AED 300 per workshop participant.  We will not issue any Certificates of Attendance until your account is cleared and payment has been received in full.

If you make changes to your booking

• If you have made a booking but the workshop subject has not yet been confirmed by us, you can cancel the booking for a full refund. 
• If you have made a booking with us and the workshop subject is confirmed, the full fees are still payable but you can change the name of your teacher in the same subject at the same workshop at no charge. 
• Other changes including change of workshop made earlier than 15 days before a workshop starts will incur a £50 or AED 300 administration fee per workshop participant. 
• Any changes including change of workshop made later than 15 days before a workshop starts will incur a £150 or AED 900 administration fee per workshop participant. 

If we make changes to your booking

If we have to change a workshop, we shall inform you immediately and offer you an alternative workshop or a full refund of fees paid to Ibicus for that workshop.

Late Booking Conditions

In order to offer the maximum flexibility to our customers, we are prepared to accept bookings up to the start of a workshop, provided the workshop still has places available. In the 28 days prior to a workshop, bookings will incur an additional £100 per person administration charge. Normally, this will be included in the online late booking price. No reductions or discounts will apply for late bookings. Payment must be made immediately.

Cancellation by us

Any of our workshops may be cancelled if sufficient bookings are not received (and paid for) at least 3 weeks prior to the workshop starting. If we cancel any workshops or part of a workshop, you are entitled to a full refund of all net payments received by us but we will not be responsible for any travel or other expenses incurred. You are therefore advised not to make non-refundable travel or accommodation arrangements in relation to these workshops.

Cancellation by you

>If you decide to cancel the booking or part of a booking for whatever reason BEFORE the workshop is confirmed, you must tell us in writing or by email to prior to confirmation of the workshop, your cancellation will not incur liability for any fees due. If you cancel after a workshop has been confirmed as going ahead, the full workshop fees will still be payable, but you may nominate an alternative candidate. Full payment of the workshop fees is still due, whether a substitute teacher or workshop is accepted by you or not.

Limit to Liability

We strongly recommend that you buy insurance to cover the cancellation by us of a workshop. We are not responsible for any costs associated with flight or travel cancellations. In the event that a workshop is cancelled because of insufficient bookings, we offer a full refund of the relevant net fee received. If an event beyond our control occurs, such as a leader being ill or unable to lead a workshop, or the venue is not available for whatever reason, then we shall try to run the workshop with a substitute leader or venue. If that is not practical, a full refund of the workshop fee will be due to you, but no reimbursement of travel costs and no direct, consequential or additional costs will be paid.

Copyright, Photography and Audiovisual and other Recording

Ibicus occasionally makes a photographic, digital, video or film record of its workshops or events on the basis that such records are only ever used for Ibicus’ legitimate business purposes. 
Everyone who attends an Ibicus event may have their photograph taken or be recorded during the event and these photographs or recordings may be used by Ibicus in promotional material, professional support or as website images, unless an individual gives us written notice before the event of their wish not to be photographed or recorded. By entering into this agreement, you and your participants agree that they may be included in any such recording and their photograph or video used as described above. 
At no time will the identity of the person in a photograph be available without the prior consent of that individual. Quite often, people ask us for copies of the photographs as souvenirs of their time with us and we are happy to provide them. However, should you or any participant nominated by you be of the view that any such recording or image of you/them is being used by Ibicus in a manner which you/they feel is inappropriate or objectionable, you/they may request Ibicus to cease to use that image in such a manner. 


We strive to provide a safe, enjoyable and rewarding event and expect all attendees to be considerate to each other. It is therefore a condition of attendance that you agree that you and/or the teacher or teachers attending the event from your institution will behave responsibly throughout your/their attendance, paying due regard to the safety and well-being of other attendees, the workshop leaders, school venue property and staff and Ibicus personnel and that you/they will refrain from any violence or inebriation during the workshop and will observe the general rules and regulations of the host school, including in particular, but without limitation, any restrictions on smoking.
Ibicus Limited reserves the right to exclude from attendance at the event any teacher or attendee, whose behaviour is perceived by Ibicus, in its absolute discretion, to be prejudicial to the safety of others or the proper and enjoyable running of the event. In the unlikely event of such an exclusion, no workshop fees or other expenses will be reimbursed or refunded and any unpaid fees will remain due and payable to Ibicus.

Important information and terms relating to safety, property, health and liability

While Ibicus uses its reasonable endeavours to choose appropriate schools to host workshops and, in conjunction with the school, appropriate catering and refreshments, and may from time to time assist with arranging local transportation and accommodation, neither Ibicus nor its directors, officers or agents are responsible for the safety and property of you or your attendees or their companions in relation to return travel to and attendance at the venue or the workshop or any excursions related thereto or for any financial losses incurred if the event is cancelled due to reasons beyond Ibicus’ control. Travelling to and from the venue of the workshop is the sole responsibility of you or your attendees. Neither Ibicus nor its directors, officers or agents will have any liability in relation to you or your attendees for any damage to or loss of property or any financial loss arising therefrom. Neither Ibicus nor its directors, officers or agents, will have any liability in respect of the death of or any personal injury to you or your attendees save where this results from the negligence of Ibicus.

Travel, Safety, Property and Health Insurance

In view of the above, you and/or your attendees are strongly advised, for your own protection, to take out adequate health and accident insurance cover appropriate to the venue together with cover for personal belongings and travel insurance which provides adequate reimbursement of costs and expenses should the workshop be cancelled or transport be subjected to any disruption or delay or should you or your attendee be required to return home for any reason before the conclusion of the event.

Collection and use of Personal Data

As an IB-approved school, you and/or your attendees will be aware that Ibicus is required to collate and pass on information in relation to you and/or your attendees to the IB not least in relation to attending and getting a certificate of attendance at the event. In addition, Ibicus may need to provide some of that personal information to the host school of an event, to tax authorities, and to process and use that information for its own internal accounting and administrative functions.
By entering into this Agreement, you and/or your attendees confirm to Ibicus that the personal data you and/or your attendees have voluntarily provided or will provide to Ibicus is correct. You and/or your attendees consent to Ibicus processing the following data for the purposes set out in the paragraph above and for workshop registration purposes, as detailed below, and understand that Ibicus may make such information available to third party processors, typically host schools, workshop leaders and the IB, in countries where an adequate level of protection for the personal data cannot be guaranteed. Ibicus adheres to the eight principles of the UK data Protection Act and processes data fairly in accordance with the act. This may mean that personal data provided may be shared outside the EU and by agreeing to these terms and conditions, you and/or your attendees give permission for this personal data to be so shared. The personal data may include: given name, initials or middle names, family name, e-mail addresses, contact details, passport information, photographs, tracking of all actions in the online registration or agreement. 
On occasions, limited personal data (name, email, school) will be transferred by Ibicus to sources outside the EEA to facilitate event organisation and enhance communication between workshop leaders and participants. As a participant you consent to this transfer of your personal data. Ibicus ensures that only data essential to the organisation of the workshop will be transferred and that appropriate safeguards are in place. 
By entering into this Agreement You and/or your attendees shall be entitled: On written request to Ibicus to see the personal data which Ibicus holds about you and/or your attendees; To request that Ibicus correct any such data; To request that Ibicus shall not use your or your attendees personal data for direct marketing purposes, on each occasion that Ibicus requests such data from you or your attendees; To request that the processing of your and/or your attendees’ personal data be discontinued and such data deleted.


The provisions of this agreement are severable. In the event that any provision or part of any provision of this agreement shall be held, in whole or in part, by any court of competent jurisdiction, to be invalid, illegal or unenforceable, it shall be deemed modified to the minimum extent necessary to make it valid, legal and enforceable. If such modification is not possible then such provision or part thereof shall be regarded as deleted. Any modification or deletion of a provision or part of a provision under this clause shall not affect the validity and enforceability of the remainder of this agreement which shall continue in full force and effect save for the modification or deletion aforesaid.

Governing Law and Jurisdiction

This agreement and any non-contractual obligations arising from or in connection with this agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with English law. Each party irrevocably agrees that the English courts shall have exclusive jurisdiction to settle any dispute or claim arising from or in connection with this agreement (including both contractual and non-contractual disputes or claims) and waives any objection to proceedings in such courts on the grounds of venue or on the grounds that proceedings have been brought in an inappropriate forum.

V1.9 27/6/18