Simply type the subject name e.g. History, location name e.g. Dubai, or programme e.g. Continuum into the search box at the top of our website home page and click on search. 

You will then see a list of all workshops available filtered to your search.

Alternatively, you can click on Advanced Search and select your workshop options that way.

Once you have found the right workshop, click on the subject name and you will be able to click on ADD TO CART. You can add multiple workshops to your cart at this stage if you need to book for a number of colleagues.

You will then be asked to add your contact details, your Coordinator’s contact details and each participant’s details. Please ensure that you have their permission to add their contact information as we will be using the information that you give us to communicate with both the Coordinator and the participant(s) regarding IBICUS workshops.

Please note that by giving us your and anyone else’s contact information you are accepting our terms and conditions which allows us to hold and use that information in relation to the organisation and administration of IBICUS workshops. We do not give or sell your contact information to third parties.

If you are BOOKING AS AN INDIVIDUAL (not through your school), please enter the School Name as INDIVIDUAL and add your own contact information as the Coordinator. If you have any queries regarding making a booking, please get in touch at