Ibicus Privacy Statement


Ibicus respects your right to privacy and we take our related legal obligations seriously.

We aim to be transparent to you about our treatment of your information.

OUR Commitment

  1. We comply with applicable privacy and data protection laws and regulatory frameworks.
  2. We treat all Confidential Information as confidential and do not disclose the same to a third party.
  3. We only ask you for personal information that is relevant to us supplying you with our services.
  4. We only use your personal information to supply, improve and manage our services and as requested by the IB Organization with which we work in cooperation.
  5. We ensure that all Confidential Information shall only be disclosed to officers, employees, contractors, legal advisers and accountants of Ibicus on a need to know basis.  We do not give your personal information to our suppliers.
  6. We do not use the Confidential Information other than is necessary for the purpose of performing our commitments or exercising our rights under our agreement with the IB Organization.
  7. We only send you information updates on workshops on offer and marketing emails if you want them and give you opportunity to unsubscribe from them at any time.
  8. We ask for your permission to take photos or video during our events which may include you but you will never be named if these are then used in our promotional materials. You are given the opportunity to opt out before photos are taken.
  9. We will not share personally identifiable information with unrelated third parties for their own use without your consent.
  10. We take appropriate steps to safeguard your information in accordance with industry standards. But no system can be guaranteed as completely secure and there is an inherent risk in transmitting information over the internet. It may be possible for an unrelated party to intercept or access such transmissions unlawfully. We protect against this as far as is possible.  Please be aware that any information you do transmit to us is at your own risk.
  11. We will only keep your information for as long as we need it. This may be for:
    1. providing you with a service
    2. improving our services and
    3. for legal and audit purposes.
  12. We aim to give you control over the information we hold about you by enabling you to access, update and delete your information in-line with your legal rights.


Our terms and conditions relating to your privacy

Collection and use of Personal Data

Our aims

  • to be clear about why we need to collect your personal information and what we are going to use it for
  • to only collect the information we need to make sure we deliver the best service
  • to never sell or share your personal information or let other organisations use it for marketing
  • to take good care of your personal information and make sure it is up to date, safe and secure

As an IB approved school, you and/or your attendees will be aware that Ibicus is required to collate and pass on information in relation to you and/or your attendees to the IB not least in relation to attending and getting a certificate of attendance at the event. In addition, Ibicus may need to provide some of that personal information to the host school of an event, to tax authorities, and to process and use that information for its own internal accounting and administrative functions.  Your personal data may have to be disclosed if we are required to disclose it by law or as a result of a lawful request by a government or law enforcement authority.

By entering into this Agreement, you and/or your attendees confirm to Ibicus that the personal data you and/or your attendees have voluntarily provided or will provide to Ibicus is correct. You and/or your attendees consent to Ibicus processing the following data for the purposes set out in the paragraph above and for workshop registration purposes, as detailed below, and understand that Ibicus may make such information available to third party processors, typically workshop leaders, host schools and the IB, in countries where an adequate level of protection for the personal data cannot be guaranteed. The personal data may include: given name, initials or middle names, family name, e-mail addresses, contact details, passport information, photographs, tracking of all actions in the online registration or agreement.

For the purposes of administrating a workshop, we do need to contact you and your attendees via email to pass on venue, timetable and other information. By agreeing to our terms you agree that IBICUS may contact you for this purpose.

We may also contact you via email to tell you about post-workshop supplementary informatio as well as future workshops which may be interest to you and/or your colleagues.  All such mailings will have a link to help you unsubscribe if you wish to stop this.

You and/or your attendees shall be entitled:

On written request to Ibicus to see the personal data which Ibicus holds about you and/or your attendees;

To request that Ibicus correct any such data;

To request that Ibicus shall not use your or your attendees personal data for direct marketing purposes, on each occasion that Ibicus requests such data from you or your attendees;

To request that the processing of your and/or your attendees’ personal data be discontinued and such data deleted.


Copyright, Photography and Audiovisual and other Recording

Ibicus occasionally makes a photographic, digital, video or film record of its workshops or events on the basis that such records are only ever used for Ibicus’ legitimate business purposes.

So everyone who attends an Ibicus event may have their photograph taken or be recorded during the event and these photographs or recordings may be used by Ibicus in promotional material or as website images, unless an individual gives us written notice before the event of their wish not to be photographed or recorded. By entering into this agreement, you and your participants agree that you/she/he may be included in any such recording and your/his/her photograph used as described above.

At no time will the identity of the person in a photograph be available without the prior consent of that individual.

Quite often, people ask us for copies of the photographs as souvenirs of their time with us and we are happy to provide them. However, should you or any participant nominated by you be of the view that any such recording or image of you/them is being used by Ibicus in a manner which you/they feel is inappropriate or objectionable, you/they may request Ibicus to cease to use that image in such a manner.


Governing Law and Jurisdiction

This agreement and any non-contractual obligations arising from or in connection with this agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with English law. Each party irrevocably agrees that the English courts shall have exclusive jurisdiction to settle any dispute or claim arising from or in connection with this agreement (including both contractual and non-contractual disputes or claims) and waives any objection to proceedings in such courts on the grounds of venue or on the grounds that proceedings have been brought in an inappropriate forum.


If you have any questions or comments about this statement or our approach to privacy please contact us at admin@ibicus.org.uk