Category 1

Category 1 workshops focus on IB philosophy and implementation. They provide professional development and assistance for schools that have decided to apply for IB authorization. They are also relevant for educators who are new to a school with an existing IB programme and those interested in joining an IB school. Participants will gain an understanding of:

  • the basic philosophy and curricular model of the programme, including the IB mission statement, learner profile, and curriculum documents
  • programme standards and practices appropriate to the participants’ role (e.g., teacher, administrator, head of school, and so on)
  • the appropriate programme framework (PYP, MYP, DP)

Teachers who are new to an IB programme will:

  • Receive a general introduction to IB philosophy and programme
  • Understand the structure of the programme (including assessment procedures)
  • Create drafts or refine and improve course outlines/designs and application
  • Be able to begin teaching the programme upon completion of the workshop

Please note: Category 1 workshops will only spend 1–2 sessions on the course designs/outlines. If new teachers already have a course outline, they will be able to review it and discuss it with the workshop leader.

Category 2

Category 2 workshops focus on programme delivery. They emphasise assessment, teaching and learning methodologies, and exploring best practice in the classroom. The goals of these workshops are to enhance the understanding of the IB philosophy and programme model and improve the quality of programme delivery. Participants will:

  • make connections between the programme framework and practice
  • enhance their understanding of assessment in IB programmes
  • discuss and analyse standards and practices
  • engage in discussion and activities aimed at sharing pedagogical techniques such as best practice in the classroom; teaching and learning methodologies; and finding, sharing, developing and using resources.

Teachers who have attended category 1 training and currently teach in an IB programme will:

  • Share best practices, teaching and learning methodologies and resources
  • Explore IB assessment in more depth
  • Enhance the quality of pedagogy and international-mindedness

Please note: Category 2 workshops assume participants have experience of teaching their particular IB programme. Participants will be expected to have a good understanding and practical experience in the assessment so they can share good practices.

Category 3

Category 3 workshops vary in terms of audience. Some are for more experienced educators who want to enhance their professional development portfolios. Others are for all educators – those with and those without a great deal of experience. 

Participants will engage in detailed discussions on topics such as learning theory, pedagogy, assessment, and other scholarly interests.  Category 3 workshops go more deeply into specific areas.

These workshops also cover subject-specific content, administrative and pedagogical leadership, and subject-specific seminars on changes to the IB curriculum.


Note: Teachers and other school leaders who do not teach in an IB World School but wish to sample IB learning may choose to participate in a Category 3 workshop.