Rania Jibai

Rania has teaching and coordination experience with a BA, MA and teaching diploma in Economics from the American University of Beirut (AUB). She holds a successful 18-year track record of teaching the IBDP Economics course in a prominent school in Lebanon where she is the CAS coordiator and a TOK teacher. Rania has been an instructor for introductory micro, macro and statistics courses at AUB for the last twelve years and has a talent for introducing technology in teaching pupils. Rania is highly experienced in assessment, examination and evaluation methods both at the national and international levels. She is experienced, through leading IBDP Economics workshops, in coaching and training colleagues. Moreover, she is also a DP consultant, school visitor, senior examiner for Extended essays and is experienced in writing, reviewing, and enhancing curricula. Rania continually demonstrates the ability to transform problems and deadlines into opportunities and well planned projects.