Pedro Martinez

I am from Paraguay, where I started my work experience with the IB in 2000, initially as a teacher of Spanish A and later as Diploma Coordinator. Five years later, I moved to the UK to work as Subject Area Manager of the Diploma Programme for Groups 1 and 2. I was in charge of the curriculum review for Language B, as well as curriculum and assessment processes for several language courses.  After nearly ten years in this role, I moved to Quito, to take in the role of Diploma Coordinator and teacher of Groups 1 and 2 subjects. Originally a two year project, it turned into a five year fruitful experience. No longer IB staff allowed me the oportunity to seek different roles, now working as a member of IBEN in the roles of candidate school consultancy and evaluation visits, as an examiner and workshop leader.  In 2018, I moved back to the UK, where I continue in my different roles as an IBEN member.