John Cannings

John is an experienced IB Educator and Chartered Geographer (Royal Geographical Society), who has been an IB workshop leader for the last nineteen years in both IBAEM and IBA regions and online workshops. There have been a number of different workshops John has led including :Geography (the new guide), CAS, TOK and CAS, The Extended Essay, Development of the Core, Experiential Education and Concepts and Inquiry. He taught at the Intercommunity School in Zurich for 15 years and during that time was both Diploma and CAS Coordinator (As a IB subject teacher he has taught Geography, TOK and MYP Individuals and Societies). In addition to his experience in the IB, John has also taught Geography in the Australian, UK and Swiss National Systems. Since 1998 John has been an examiner for IB Geography and has been involved in the moderation of exam answers for Paper one. In addition, he has also been an examiner for the Extended Essay in Geography since 2004. He has been a fellow of the Royal Geographical Society since 2007.   He has been involved with curriculum reviews for CAS and also has long experience with Assessment in the Diploma. John’s experience with CAS includes monitoring school records in IBAEM and co-authoring two books and a number of articles on the subject.  In addition, he wrote the last chapter in Kognity's text book for the new Geography guide and made a contribution to their book on TOK. In 2019 he has had published two blogs on Service Learning  for tracker apps and contributed a chapter, "The Cohesive Power of the IB Diploma Core" in "Perspectives of the IB Diploma Core" Edited by Fabian, Hayden and Thompson. In 2020 and 2021 he has had a number of blogs published by Kognity on the impact of Covid on Education He was a  board member of Duke University’s International Centre for Service Learning in Education between 2011 and 2016, presenting at their conferences in Galway and Durham (North Carolina) and  prior to that had chaired ECIS Committees on Community Service and the Humanities.  In conjunction with Koc School, Istanbul John has facilitated two student based conferences on CAS and TOK and in 2016 ran a workshop and webinars on developing CAS in Turkey. Most recently, John has been engaged with  the Charity "Amala"  hackathon which is developing a curriculum for refugees. In addition, he is a faculty member with Sustainability Education attending and contributing to their summits held in Berlin  and Jersualem. Together with Alex Catello he also hosted a series of webinars on "Case Studies for Change" focusing on  pratctitioners implementing education for sustainability in their schools.