Ghadeer Hatabeh

Ghadeer Al-Hatabeh is a passionate Education Consultant who is aiming to provide a rich and stimulating environment where students can develop to their full potential; understanding and appreciating the differences that make every student unique, valued as an independent thinker and encouraged to make choices on his or her own.   At the Academic level, she holds a BA degree from Yarmouk University, and a Master degree from the Middle East University specializing in “Schools Management”.  In addition to teaching, she has attended many conferences and workshops in Jordan and across the globe, which sharpen her cultural experiences through interacting with different teaching methodologies and approaches.  Ghadeer has over 25 years experience in teaching  and some years ago joined the IB Examiners team.     Ghadeer is currently a Freelance Education Consultant as well as serving as a part-time teacher for two of the leading IB schools in Amman, teaching the language and literature studies programme.  This, in turn, gives her a continuous insight on the programme and its' development.