Dania Maaliki

Dania has a MA in Educational Leadership, BS in Chemistry, and a TD, and is currently the IB DP HL Chemistry teacher for years 1 and 2 at the Dubai American Academy. She has taught at the American Community School in Beirut where she was also the Science Head for many years, as well as the Grade 12 Coordinator and the Green Club facilitator. Her two years of teaching before DAA were at the ACS International Schools in the United Kingdom as a DP Chemistry and MYP teacher.  She has various roles with the IB: DP Chemistry HL assistant examiner and team leader, IA moderator, course reader, school visit team member and workshop leader.  She is a consultant and author of a few online resources and platforms, including Kognity.  She has a dual cultural belonging, Italian and Lebanese, has studied in a French and North American environment. She has different cultures integrated in her identity and fluency in four languages.  She is passionate about learning and impacting change, and to instill this in students.