Chris Green

Chris has spent more years being an IBeliever than being a student and then teacher combined within the UK educational system. Initially a Language A English Literature teacher, he has taught at international schools in Hungary, Finland, and the UK, holding positions such as UCAS Advisor, CAS Coordinator, EE Coordinator, IB DP Coordinator, Assistant Principal, and Deputy Headteacher.  As a member of IBEN for nearly 15 years, Chris has been an examiner in English A, an IB DP Consultant, a workshop leader in Counselling (career and university guidance), Administration, IB DP Coordination, IB DP Evaluation, Approaches to Learning, and a Verification team member.  As a consultant Chris has supported schools in securing authorisation; The American College of Greece, PIERCE, International School of Monza, EIFA International School, NGG International School, Erudito LicÄ—jus, and currently CTI Lebanon. Chris set up the CIAG provision at The British International School, Budapest, redesigned IB Diploma and Counselling provision at ACS Hillingdon International School, and recently undertook a review of provision at ERV Gabon. Chris has supported 100’s of IBDP students in finding the right course and university, with the majority of IBDP students securing places at their UK university and US college of choice.  Workshop feedback: "Excellent workshop leader. Well prepared, experienced, flexible and also with a sense of humour".    "Knowledgeable, personable and approachable".  "The best so far... I wish I had similar IB PD experiences in the past years as well".                                                                            IB Workshop Participant Report for Workshop Leader (12-14 April 2019)