Catherine Jouffrey

Catherine is an accomplished international teacher whose career spans over 20 years.  A highly experienced and recognised IB practitioner now working as an Independent Educator in a variety of roles including workshop leading for CAS, TOK, the EE, Language Acquisition, and the ATL (in both French and English), and assessing. She is also involved in school visiting, consulting for candidate schools to the IB, and at the same time co- authoring an MYP Next Chapter IB school manual – French by Concept, due to be published in September 2016. Previous to this, Catherine worked in a fully authorised four IB programmes in the UK as CAS Coordinator, TOK teacher, EE supervisor and French B teacher. She has also worked in the US and PR China and presently lives in the United-Kingdom.  A keen learner, Catherine has a Masters in Education and continues to follow a programme of professional development mainly in the IB field.