Anna Androulaki-Woodcock

Dr. Anna Androulaki-Woodcock has been involved with the Diploma Programme since 2000 and she currently holds several IB-related roles, among them leading English A: Literature and Language A: Literature generic workshops in the AEM region. She has taught English A: Literature in Greece, Germany, the UK and China, and she also has experience teaching English A: Language&Literature and ToK. For five years, she held the role of Diploma Programme Coordinator at TASIS England and she was also Head of English at UWC China, where she helped develop curriculum and also design a school-wide approach to language policy and planning. She has been the Course Adviser and a teacher for Pamoja English A language and Literature since 2020. She is the author of several academic papers in linguistics and she has co-authored the Oxford University Press English A Literature Course Companion for the new curriculum (first teaching 2019-2020).  She is currently writing the OUP IB Prepared English A Literature volume. Her experience from working at residential schools has enhanced her awareness of holistic education and how this impacts classroom teaching and learning. Between workshops, teaching and IB assignments, she enjoys spending time with her friends, wherever they are.