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About this Workshop

This seminar provides a forum for both new and experienced Theory of Knowledge teachers and coordinators to better understand the new TOK exhibition. The purpose of this seminar is to help schools to make better provision for the TOK exhibition by ensuring that students are appropriately prepared.

Teachers will get the chance to analyse the exhibition components, design and discuss potential exhibitions, and share ideas about the possible media that might be utilised to exhibit student work.


This seminar is recommended for:

All Theory of Knowledge teachers who are teaching or who are preparing to teach the Theory of Knowledge course (first assessment 2022).

It is designed for those who are keen to improve the teaching and learning experience in the DP classroom. The seminar will focus on:

  • assessing the links between the exhibition instructions, process and product, in order to enhance the teaching and learning experience
  • reviewing aspects of teaching and learning activities in order to promote student achievement and address task-specific assessment criteria
  • designing other aspects of the TOK course so that the exhibition is well supported
  • evaluating a range of possible models of exhibition in order to evaluate which is best for each school that is represented

You will have an opportunity to:

  • make connections between elements of the new TOK course and the exhibition
  • enhance your understanding of assessment in TOK
    • develop ways of supporting other TOK teachers and students better


NOTE - this is not an IB authorised and certified workshop and does not count towards authorisation

Workshop Details
16-16 Jan 2021
Starting at 09:00 UK


  • Highly acclaimed NEW format for 2020-21
  • Intensive interactive 4-hour ZOOM based seminar
Workshop Leader(s)
Alex Green
Alex Green
After completing an undergraduate degree in Philosophy, Alex trained as a teacher and initially worked in London. Alex moved to a school to lead Philosophy, Religious Studies and TOK for one of the largest IB DP cohorts in the Europe,…

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