Cat: 3 | Extended Essay - one day in focus

19 Apr 2024 | FACE to FACE - Dubai
The International Baccalaureate (IB)
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Workshop Format

This FACE-TO-FACE workshop will take place at Raffles World Academy, Dubai.

The timings are 08:30-16:30 on Days 1 and 2 and 08:30-12:15 on Day 3.

About the workshop

RECOMMENDED FOR:  New and experienced teachers who are or will become extended essay supervisors.

This workshop is a one-day introduction to extended essay supervision, supplementary to and different from the existing category 3 workshop, The role of the supervisor in the extended essay. The aim of this workshop is to assist you in developing an appropriate framework of support for students while they are engaged in writing the extended essay. You will consider the purpose of the extended essay in terms of the DP and beyond, discuss the roles and responsibilities of the stakeholders, and develop an understanding of the assessment criteria and academic honesty. During the workshop, you will develop a clear understanding of the extended essay requirements and the role that supervisors play in supporting the student during the extended essay process.

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