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17 - 19 September 2020
Raffles World Academy, Dubai UAE Sept 2020

15 hours of expert tuition over 2.5 days, with full resources and great food and refreshments

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Subject IB Level Category - What is this? Availability Cost (GBP)
Approaches to learning Continuum 3 £820.00 plus VAT
Arabic A: Language and Literature DP 1 £820.00 plus VAT
Arabic Ab Initio DP 1 £820.00 plus VAT
Arabic B DP 1 £820.00 plus VAT
Biology DP 1 £820.00 plus VAT
Building partnerships with parents Continuum 3 £820.00 plus VAT
Business Management DP 1 £820.00 plus VAT
Business Management: Focus on IA DP 3 £820.00 plus VAT
CAS DP 1 £820.00 plus VAT
Chemistry DP 1 £820.00 plus VAT
Counselling DP 2 £820.00 plus VAT
Design Technology DP 1 £820.00 plus VAT
Developing a culture of thinking and assessment for understanding Continuum 3 £820.00 plus VAT
DP Core: improving student engagement and performance in TOK, CAS and EE DP 3 £820.00 plus VAT
Economics DP 2 £820.00 plus VAT
English A: Language & Literature DP 1 £820.00 plus VAT
English A: Literature DP 1 £820.00 plus VAT
English B DP 1 £820.00 plus VAT
ESS DP 1 £820.00 plus VAT
French B DP 1 £820.00 plus VAT
Geography DP 1 £820.00 plus VAT
Head of School DP 1 £820.00 plus VAT
History DP 1 £820.00 plus VAT
Leading the learning DP 1 £820.00 plus VAT
Librarians DP 2 £820.00 plus VAT
Managing the Extended Essay DP 3 £820.00 plus VAT
Mathematics: A Focus on IA DP 3 £820.00 plus VAT
Mathematics: Analysis and Approaches DP 1 £820.00 plus VAT
Mathematics: Applications and Interpretation DP 1 £820.00 plus VAT
Music DP 2 £820.00 plus VAT
Physics DP 1 £820.00 plus VAT
Psychology DP 1 £820.00 plus VAT
Spanish Ab Initio DP 1 £820.00 plus VAT
Sports, Exercise and Health Science DP 1 £820.00 plus VAT
The Role of the Coordinator DP 3 £820.00 plus VAT
TOK DP 1 £820.00 plus VAT
TOK: Helping students write strong TOK essays and assessing their work DP 3 £820.00 plus VAT
Understanding leadership DP 3 £820.00 plus VAT
Visual Arts DP 2 £820.00 plus VAT
CHOOSE CATEGORY 1 if you are new to the IB or if your situation is similar to any of the following:
CHOOSE CATEGORY 2 workshops to develop your expertise in delivering an IB programme. You will have an opportunity to:
CHOOSE CATEGORY 3 workshops to go more deeply into areas you enjoy and to deepen your understanding and mastery of a particular area or subject

Note: Teachers and other school leaders who do not teach in an IB school but wish to sample IB learning may choose to participate in category 3 workshops