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CAS - Category: 1

20 - 22 October - Wellington College, Berkshire 2020

15 hours of expert tuition over 2.5 days, with full resources and great food and refreshments

About this Workshop

This workshop is designed for CAS coordinators who are relatively new to the role or those who have limited experience of CAS.

The main outcomes for participants are:

  • To see CAS as an important and compulsory part of the core of the IB Diploma with its focus on the personal development of the student.  In addition, we shall see how CAS relates to the other parts of the IB Core (the Extended Essay and CAS)
  • To understand CAS as being a form of experiential education that encourages students to learn by being reflective on their experiences.
  • To discuss and clarify what is meant by a CAS experience and a project for students.
  • To examine the way that CAS supports the IBDP subjects and is supported by them.
  • To have an understanding of the role of the CAS Coordinator and how to organise the programme within a school.
  • To understand the role of the school in supporting the CAS programme according the standards and practices of the IB.

The workshop is very much "a hands on experience” and you will have the opportunity to discuss, analyse and share best practice with other participants and sharing materials through a google doc.

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Workshop Costs
Fee explained Cost
Regular Confirmed Price £820.00 plus VAT ADD TO CART
Premium Late Booking Price £920.00 plus VAT
Workshop Venue
Wellington College
Crowthorne, Berkshire, RG45 7PU
Tel: +44 1344 444 000